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~ Roshani Ramass ~

Founder of Ace Holds The Space

Radio Producer / Community Podcaster Musician / Composer

Bachelor of Arts Business

Specialising in Nonprofits / Charitable Sector

I am a growing and recovering human, is the best way I can describe myself. The stability I now enjoy has not come without work and commitment to my own Personal Development.

My life tools were thin as a young person and I had to learn how to make better life choices. Much inspiration for what I offer and create comes from personal life experiences, tales of strength, surmounting adversity and creating victories from the greatest odds. 

Not everyone gets a chance to flourish. Life circumstances can result in a lack of support and missing our callings. 

In Ace Holds The Space, we all get a chance to discover our Inner Gifts, while being supported and cared for without judgement. Here, we explore Lifes' potential, together.

Originally from Sussex, England, I now live in North Devon, right near the West Coast surfing beaches with a wonderful supportive Community.

I get a lot of inspiration watching the surfers braving the waves!

Jennifer Carlton ~

BA (Hons), Dip COUNS, Dip Hyp/Master Practitioner NLP, P.G Cert Ed. H.E

Life experience and a desire to make a difference have brought me to where I am in my life now. I grew up with a desire to help others and a change in my own circumstances as an adult fostered the notion of eventually becoming a counsellor.

As Senior Lecturer in Psychology, my interest in researching the effects of bereavement arose from working with recovering addicts, many of whom had experienced a significant loss during their developmental years.

Prior to this, I had recently been divorced and the break- up of the family home was subsequently overshadowed by the sudden death of my oldest son in a car accident at the age of 17. As I gradually began to rebuild my life a single parent, I knew I had to support others who had experienced trauma and so the journey into education began. Alongside my educational growth, I grew Spiritually too, strongly believing that I owe it to my son to continue with this work.

Throughout my professional life, I have worked with a diverse range of client groups in many areas of mental health rehabilitation and emotional well-being. I am passionate about helping people to develop their potential, whether it is through teaching new skills, or through counselling, hypnotherapy or training.

My approach is an integral one, that is to say, the aim of my work is integration. Integration consists of integrating body mind and spirit, thoughts behaviours and emotions, past present and future. The focus is on client strengths and developing potential in an emotionally healthy way. It is by addressing these aspects of an individual that the client’s needs are met as an alternative approach to a prescriptive “one package suits all”

I currently work with a variety of organisations and individuals. My work involves one to one support and often includes the dynamic aspects of working with groups depending upon the particular requirement.

I offer psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy sessions to individuals on a range of issues and Spiritual counselling/mentoring to anyone who feels they are experiencing a Spiritual crisis or is feeling lost or confused.

These are listed in my website.