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News and Announcements

aceholdsthespace launches new wave of positivity - 'FLIP THE SCRIPT'


Today, in the heart of Torrington, we held space for the local community along with many community services, all there to address the cost of living challenges that our communities are currently facing. 

aceholdsthespace turned up with full recording equipment and a large board to pin positive message on. We asked people to think of one thing that is FREE and write it down and pin it up on the board so everyone can see! 

We recorded soundbites of peoples' voices from all backgrounds and ages. It was so good to hear people's views and to break the isolation that many in the community may have been experiencing. 

I believe we definitely Flipped The Script today!

We are also very grateful to TTVS (Torridge and Torrington Voluntary Services for making it happen! The equipment we have been blessed with through a grant offering was being used and although noisy at the event (which means lots of edits), we believe we got some great footage!

We will be posting up soon with links to the content once it is all edited!

In the meantime, stay strong and keep Flipping the Script. Look to a positive future where we can all become solution seekers, collectively and together!

We Got Funding!

Announcement (late posting from July)

A BIG BIG thankyou to TTVS Torridge and Torrington Voluntary Services for supporting us with their most AMAZING Velocity Project, partnering with COSMIC! This initiative not only helped us to get up to speed with our digital, we in addition received a whopping £2000 towards a digital equipment upgrade! 


Warrior Within Journey Update

06 / 03 / 22

We have completed steps 1, 2 & 3 of the Warrior Within Journey first time trialed in a group!

We had music, imagery and meditations and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their experience with us!

In week 1, we had an overview of The Energy Meridian System, Lifeforce Fields; Blocks to Personal Success; and the Benefits of Grounding. 

In week 2 we are learned about the Forces and Instincts that drive much of our Thinking and Actions. The difference between dependence and interdependence and how we might start to build strength, resilience and confidence! We also start to cover the topic of Self-care.

Week 3 we recognised that Your Beauty Truth and Power is Within You ✨

In this session we looked at the sometimes pestering dialogue of self chatter and 'labels' we give ourselves that can limit us reaching our full potential! We learned about the Higher Self (or inner-guidance) and the most exciting bit, The Fire Within and the Force of Creation.

The next stage of the Journey is for the deeper Journeying into that what blocks us from our inner-strength and creative power. It is one day per week over a 4 week period. If you have experienced at least 2 of the first 3 sessions (first one on grounding is the most important one), we can invite you to join us on the deeper Journeying.

Please do get in contact with us here if you would like to talk to someone about what is on offer and when these sessions are likely to be scheduled for.

Please note: we are currently rescheduling all our Warrior Within date deliveries and will keep you posted forthwith.

In the meantime, we are here anytime if you would like a chat.

Business Update

27 / 02 / 22

Although we are still taking reservations for the Warrior Within Journey, we have ceased all activities for this week as we are potentially going through some Business structural changes that may effect our service delivery. 

We will keep you informed of our progress.

Thank you for your patience. We are always  ensuring the utmost accountability and responsibility to you at all times.