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Warrior Within Journey

Images used in video: Night Starry Sky - by Vladnikon; Celebrating life - by Aleksandra; Header: Torsion Field - by Space Wind (Adobestock)

How we got started in 2022

Wed 2 Feb

Session 1. SAFETY

An Introduction to the Warrior Within Journey; Overview of The Meridian System, Lifeforce Fields; Blocks to Personal Success; and the Benefits of Grounding.

Wed 9 Feb

Session 2. TRIBE

Learning about the Natural Forces that govern our Instincts that drive much of our Thinking and Actions. We challenge our perceptions of Abundance as well as the limiting belief system of dependence looking at the difference between dependence and interdependence. We cover self care and taking care of yourself throughout your Journey. 

Wed 16 Feb

Session 3. IDENTITY

In this session we look at the sometimes pestering dialogue of self chatter and 'labels' we give ourselves that limit us reaching our full potential! We look at our programming in order to transcend blocks that have limited us in achieving what we want out of life.  We learn about the Higher Self (or inner-guidance) and the Force of Creation.


Deeper Journey Sessions - dates to be announced





Learning to take personal responsibility empowers us. In these sessions you equip yourself with tools to unblock and reset our Life Journey by learning how to take accountability for yourself, finding courage to face fears, develop a courageous strength and be healthily assertive. The consequence of this, is that we Step into our own Creative Power! These sessions are also about Clearance of what is not serving you as well as Communication and Expression. It may assist you in clearing blocks that are draining your energy or joy and bring you into a new level of awareness as well as improve your confidence and self esteem. 

Restore week and Social

In the restore week - You can either take a break from the session or for those who feel like a social, we will host a get together! Whatever you chose to do it is your choice. We will be providing some activity and entertainment for those who would like to still attend.

Invited Guest Speakers - dates to be announced




Flowing on from previous sessions, You continue Your Journey, developing your resilience and inner-strength, as well as learning techniques and practices from invited speakers that support you further toward Integration, Stability and the cultivation of an Inner Peace. These are exciting sessions still in development!

Please note: We are currently undergoing a change to our services and scheduling, please keep an eye on our announcement page for updates.

Sources and Materials

We are busy creating materials for you! 

Keep an eye out for a new Wellbeing page soon to go up with access to supportive content and signposting to help you on your Wellbeing Journey

If you would like to financially assist us please donate here. Thankyou!