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All Alignment Creation Enterprise Products and Services provided through aceholdsthespace are covered by the following disclaimer.

~ All Rights Reserved ~

Please note we are not a medical or mental health charity or organisation, nor do we provide complementary therapies.

We are here to help you as best we can however, we are not counsellors, mental health advisors nor therapists. We do not currently offer counselling services although we will have a counsellor available to chat to that are compliments to some of our services. 

If you require assistance with your medical or mental health please seek professional advice.

We will be developing an information source page to assist you with resources and links to services and professionals that work outside our remit. Please note however, these are external organisations and we are not responsible for their practices nor the information they provide.

We are happy to talk to you and point you towards the information we have placed in our information page. These are to support you in your journey if required.

Information source page

We will be building relationships with organisations, health professionals and counsellors and adding further contacts for you to this page so keep an eye out for new information.

Accessing Support with Our Team

We are mindful not to give advice about peoples' life choices and/or circumstances however, if there is a professional joining our team that you can talk to in this capacity you will be informed of it. We will keep you informed through our newsletters of any changes as we grow.

Our ethos is about personal empowerment and responsibility.

Please be mindful when speaking to our Team that they are also on their journey and learning, much like all of us, committed to their personal growth and development. They may share their experiences with you however, these are not in a professional or advisory capacity. They are not there to provide all the answers for you. We can assist you with the facts about our services only.

The practices we share about do not make us experts in them, they are merely introductions to differing methodologies and practices that may or may not support you that have been experienced either through our Team members or our facilitators we invite onto sessions. The information shared is for you to decide about and a personal choice.

At no point can the ACE Team advise you about the practices that experts or specialists that are invited on sessions share about. It will be up to you to contact them privately if you wish to continue learning from what they have to offer and this will be on their terms.

Please remember this is only about sharing our experiences – not offering solutions to specific problems. This is a Journey of Self-Discovery, led by you and as encouraged by all what we offer, is a Journey to assist you to find the answers, that come from within. 

We will always assist You in the best way we possibly can!