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About Us - Our Roots

Bridging the Cultural and Digital Gaps in Wellbeing Provision

History and Founding

aceholdsthespace is a new initiative inspired by the creation of a Social Enterprise 'Alignment Creation Enterprises' (ACE) in 2019.

Our Founder, Roshani Ramass is a musical creative as well as Business Graduate, majoring firstly in Information Communication Technology; Management and Organisations; as well as Public Sector non-profit organisations, researching the challenges of Charitable Organisations.

She has in addition over 16 years of self development mentoring experience and practice.

Roshani's passion is in new business concept pioneering to empower communities and championing economic community resilience.

About Us

Pioneering a new Frontier in Wellbeing and Empowerment for Individual and Community Resilience, we facilitate projects that support both Individuals and Organisations to Flourish.

We are currently providing outreaching services for predominantly, although not limited to, the younger demographic.

Our Principles

We are committed to developing standards and practices to assist us and other Organisations to work in closer harmony with our natural inner and outer, natural environments.

We are guided by principles of:

'Duty of care' (Mindfulness)

Doing ‘the next right thing’ (Responsibility)

We honour the gift of creation around us and in parallel, within ourselves, we are investing in the Wellbeing of all Life and are committed to collective Health without abusing any form of resource or usury power.

Alignment Creation Enterprises is a collective entity that stands up for what it believes in and doesn't just bend to profit, nor endorse the relentless mining of resources, which can now include humans as 'commodity' to that end.

It will stand up for the sole purpose it was​ created for – to Align with the good health of the nation(s), the environment and address the Industrial Global impact on the world, physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally.


Our Aspirations and Business Modelling

Our products and services are in alignment to support general Wellbeing, across Individual, Organisational and Environmental in multiple Industries that currently include: Self-Improvement, Personal and Business Development Education, Coaching and Consultation and with our longer term aim, to enter the Entertainment and Experience Industry as well as Digital; Publishing and Retail Markets.

With a strong social ethos and purpose we use profits for social benefit, following the principles of sustainable development.

The company will, through the allocation of profit and resources and without limitation support:

Wellbeing and Mind Health,
Issues relating to Homelessness,
Charities and Community Projects requiring Assistance,
Support to the Environment,
Economic Resilience for Communities.

We have actually ENHANCED the Companys' powers and restrictions section by creating specifically tailored Business Articles that protect the Sanctity of Life and aim to support Businesses that are choosing to adopt a similar ethos. The relevant section is printed below:

3.2 The rights of this company cannot exceed the rights of the individual and basic human rights.

3.3 The company will review its' purpose and operations where activities infringe upon human, animal, environmental or planetary wellbeing with a view to taking action to prevent this.

4.1 Not for profit: The Company is not established or conducted for private gain: any surplus or assets are used principally for the benefit of the community.

View/download full articles here



In relation to our core value to support Wellbeing we start with how we treat our staff  and associates as this is a reflection of how we will treat you, our customers and wider environment. 


Our collective responsibility starts with each individual and ripples out from there. This includes empowering our contributors for their Creations and Intellectual Property and facilitating future ownership.


We create like Creation. Creation simply creates. 

Therefore, our company strategy and creative culture is organic. We respond to our environment guided by our Social Purpose.


Only by committing to Progress rather than ‘timelines’ can we possibly hope to cultivate and nurture a responsibly, collectively tangible legacy to pass on for future generations. 

If you would like to financially assist please donate here. Thankyou!