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"Community Conversations" Podcast#1 

Cost Of Living event at Torrington Town Hall, Devon, UK, discussing Wellbeing and Resilience.

Organisations and Community flocked together to support each other at Torrington Town Hall Cost of Living Community Fayre 

Aceholdsthespace turned up to hear and record voices within the Community giving them a platform to express themselves as well as giving tips on Wellbeing.

It was a huge success and people commented that it really lifted everybody's mood, so much, we have decided to keep doing it! We have now invested in a Mic Shield and further recording equipment to ensure that our next Podcast captures your lovely voices all that more clearly and reduces the background noise.

We are proud of the Community coming together, taking pride in their town and coming out to be a force of strength and positivity for their communities.

Some of the organisations present were, TTVS (Torrington and Torridge Voluntary Services; Torrington Foodbank; Sunrise Diversity; One Small Step; Morrisons; Carry On Choir; and SouthWest Water.

Our contributors:

1. Elizabeth from Torrington Food-bank / 0:12 - 05:37

2. Charlie (8) / 5:47 - 8:16

3. Margarat (87) / 8:20 - 13:11

4. Kathy from Carry On Choir / 13:15 - 20:37

5. Howi (10), Nate (5) and Xande (5) / 20:42 - 27:25

6. Tanya from Sunrise Diversity / 27:33 - 32:57


TTVS - Torrington and Torridge Voluntary Services

Torrington Foodbank

Sunrise Diversity

One Small Step

Carry On Choir

Sound credits:

Graphic animation (sparkly spiral shell): Stacey and Lilya