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We reserve the right to cancel bookings or cancel the sessions or whole Journey at anytime. If for unforeseen circumstances this occurs then we are happy to refund any donations that have been made when / or if this is requested.

For yours and ours safety, please read this for your information before attending the Warrior Within Sessions. Thankyou

Please note: the term spiritual is a general expression for open faith philosophy and methodologies and we wish to remain outside of any doctrine, religion or programmes that are around – it is for exploration purposes and only to inform people of choices that are out there.

The sessions are only covering practices in the nature of self awareness and development that you can adopt or not adopt as you wish.

You are responsible for your own learning.

We share practices and methodologies from differing philosophies from around the world that may support you with self development growth and self awareness.

Please be aware, as noted in our general disclaimer, we are not a medical or mental health charity or organisation, nor do we provide complementary therapies.

We will not require or be keeping any medical or personal data on you at all.

You are also free to leave any sessions at any time without requiring permission to leave or approval to. The Warrior Journey is about self-determination and empowerment and this is what we encourage in all that our attend our sessions.

Please contact us out of session if you feel the requirement to and we will ensure an informed individual is able to speak with you about any matter you wish to discuss. If there is no-one available with the ability to help you with your matter we will say so and advise you to seek external advice.

It is your responsibility to seek professional advice if you require it. As already mentioned, we are here to help you as best we can however, we are not counsellors, mental health advisors nor therapists. We do have a counsellor not currently offer counselling services although that is something we would like to facilitate in the future.

If you require assistance with your medical or mental health please seek professional advice.

We are building an information source page to assist you with resources that provide links to services and professionals that work outside our remit. Please note however, these are external organisations and we are not liable for their practices nor the information they provide.

Please be mindful when speaking to our Team that they are also on their journey and learning much like us. They are not there to provide all the answers for you. We can assist you with the facts about our services only.

The practices we share about do not make us experts in them, they are merely introductions to differing methodologies and practices that may or may not support you.

At no point can we advise you about practices that experts, specialists or our Team members are invited to share or talk about. They are simply to provide you with methodologies and concepts that might aid you in your Self Discovery experience.

Please remember this is about sharing experiences and it is not up to anyone to offer solutions to your problems. The Awakening Journey is a personal one and about your personal choices. It is a self development journey purely and within this Journey, it is encouraged find the answers from Within. 

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